Pre War Wrestling 1930-1940




Rules Of All-In Wrestling 1932
Officially recognised by "The Ring Blackfriars"

  1. The word "All-In" will Mean only the amalgamation of the leading styles of Wrestling now in vogue, namely Judo (Ju-Jitsu), Catch-as-Catch-Can and Graeco-Roman.  To these will be added all moves and blows allowed in boxing, with the exception of a direct punch to the face and with the addition of the Ju-Jitsu, Rabbit and chop punches, nerve knuckling (on the body and neck only), and the use of the forearms and flat of the hands to the face.

  2. The ring shall have not less than three ropes and not more than four.

  3. Corner posts must be covered, and rope bound

  4. Seconds :-

    a. Seconds are responsible that their man is prevented from falling on the floor outside the ring.
    b. Seconds are not allowed to give their man cocaine, strychnine, alcohol or any other drug or stimulant.

  5. Referees :-

    a. Has sole charge of the contest and any question that may arise in regard to the ring.

    b. Can give a decision against a man only.

       1 - When that man's shoulders are flat for three consecutive seconds, (Flat Fall).
       2 - He calls our "Enough" (tapping means nothing), submission fall.
       3 - He is disqualified
      4 - Knocked-out and in the opinion of the referee unable to continue when the new round begins,
            i.e. when the gong sounds.
       5 - Fails to rise (when knocked down only by a blow) before a count of ten, or fails to re-enter the ring before a
            count of ten.

  6. Timekeeper :-

    a.   Calls out each minute until a fall.

    b.   Announces the gross time of each fall after each fall.

    c.   Ends each round after, every ten minutes wrestling and gives 1 & 1/2 minutes rest, such rest not to be included in the gross time for a fall.

    d.   A fall or K.O. ends a round; two minutes rest and new round begins.

  7. Classes :-

    Heavyweight over 191 lbs.
    Light-Heavyweight 174 - 191 lbs
    Middleweight 158 - 174 lbs
    Welter 146 - 158 lbs
    Lightweight 135 - 146 lbs
    Feather 124 - 135 lbs
    Bantam under 124 lbs

  8. Group "A" Fouls :-

    1    Abdomen (below belt punching).
    2    Direct Knuckle Punch in face.
    3    Kidney Punch.
    4    Breaking a limb deliberately.
    5    Kicking - except to get free from holds.
    6    Gouging, Scratching, Biting, Hair-pulling, Ear-Twisting.
    7    Butting in the face.
    8    Strangling.
    9    Striking an opponent when he is on the mat, felled from a blow.

  9. Group "B" Fouls :-

    1    Oil or grease on the body is forbidden.
    2    Soft soled boots or shoes must be worn without studs or nails.
    3    Finger nails must be cut short.

  10. A man is defeated when :-

    1    His shoulders are held fault for three consecutive seconds.
    2    He calls "Enough" (Submission Fall").
    3    He fails to rise when knocked down by a blow or fails to return to the ring when thrown out, before a count of Ten seconds.
    4    He is disqualified for a Foul under "Group A"

Note :-

When a man has been felled by a blow his opponent must retire to a neutral corner while a man is counted out.  This constitutes a knock-out and counts as a fall.

Referee's decision is Final.




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